Knotless Braids: What You Need to Know About New Box Style

Knotless Braids: What You Need to Know About New Box Style

What Are Knotless Braids?

As you might have guessed by its appearance, it’s a new type of good old box braids. And, as the name suggests, this technique doesn’t feature those little knots that sit on the scalp because of the synthetic locks added. The knotless technique is pretty simple though: a braider feeds in the braiding hair to the natural mane in small pieces. Unlike box braids, the knotless alternative lies flat against the scalp, and therefore feels lighter, causing less tension.


Are Knotless Braids Wig Better?

Let us just show you 10 reasons why many women of color opt for knotless box braids, so you will tell us if they’re better or not!

If you are confused about whether these wigs will give a look you are going for;  below are 10 good reasons you should give these wigs a chance.


1. Less Time in the Stylist’s Chair

A trip to the stylist's chair to get braids can be a painful experience on a variety of fronts. However, one of the greatest pains of taking a journey to your stylist’s chair for braid installation is watching the hours of your life tick by minute by minute.  Your stylist takes a lunch break, takes a dinner break, and you are still in the chair as the day gives way to the night. A braided wig can save you time and allow you to achieve the same classy look. 

2. Less Pain

A braided wig is kinder to your scalp, and you do not have to endure the pain that sometimes accompanies braid installations. You know the feeling. Your scalp becomes hot with irritation from excessive manipulation of the hair follicles and by the time your stylist installs the last braid, every inch of your scalp is throbbing and swollen. Braided wigs are an excellent way to avoid the pains of braid installations.

3. Less Risk of Hair Loss

By now, you should know that braids and twists can cause breakage or damage to your roots. Unfortunately, braids can sometimes create tension along your hairline and on your scalp. Over time, this tension can lead to hair thinning and hair loss. Braid wigs enable you to avoid this frustrating side effect of braid installations.

4. Less Upkeep

Although braids are a fantastic protective styling option for those seeking to give their hair a rest, there is still a fair amount of upkeep that accompanies caring for your braids and scalp. Braid wigs are low maintenance options for those seeking to keep it simple!

5. Braid Wigs Offer Flexibility

For you who dare to rock a solid braid style, you know that most choose guys and gals choose to wear their braids for several weeks at a time. They are versatile, timesaving and spare you from enduring excessive manipulation of your hair. Braid wigs can provide you with even greater flexibility allowing you to rock braids one day or wear wavy hair the following day.

6. Braid Wigs Look and Feel Real

Braid wigs look real from every twist and turn. They are easy to blend with the front hairline, and the hair texture feels real, and hair never looks dull. They are very attractive.

7. Braid Wigs Do Not Shed

Unlike other types of wigs, braid wigs do face the problem of shedding. The hair is in a formidable unit that helps to support it and reduce risks for hair breakage or shedding.

8. Braid Wigs are Easy to Secure to Your Head

Many braid wigs come with combs that enable you to secure it to your head. Of course, you can always add bobby pins for extra security! A fabulous braid wig is full in the back and gives the appearance of natural braids.

9. Braid Wigs are Available in a Variety of Colors

Sometimes a girl wants to change things up by changing the color of her hair. Braid wigs are available in a variety of colors. It is another excellent way to make a statement without having to change a thing about your style.

10. Braid Wigs are Available in Different Styles and Sizes

If you can wear your braids in a variety of sizes and styles so why not have the same option in a wig? Braided wigs are available in different hair styles like the box braids, one million braids, small twist, big twist braids, etc. You can purchase braid wigs that celebrate microbraids or choose a braid wig that is overflowing with large braids.

There you have it. You do not have to give your time away in the stylist’s chair, and you do not have to commit to eight weeks of wearing the same batch of braids. You now have reasons to invest in braid wigs.


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