About Us

Who is “Sangtok”

Sangtok has been insisting on uncompromised quality and constant innovation ever since 2017, which relied on a long-standing family factory with original design manufacturer experience. 

Original Target

Every customer has a real, detailed and different daily life. Their happiness can be beautiful hair, gorgeous dress, delicate make-up, amazing nails or delicious food, exquisite tools and recognition of values. Why does an age-old hair factory only do hair business? Why don't we help our hair users get more pretty goods in a simply comfortable way?


Our Goal

To build a high-end beauty platform with first-class service and affordable price.
"Quality is everything"


Our Aim

Semi-high-end customer has a unique taste on beauty and want to simplify their shopping.


Principle and Idea

Listen to customers' real voice and work with customers, benefit customers, expanding our hair business through every customer. Your beauty and joy can be customized!

Join in Sangtok, Help us set apart from the flooding websites!


Love you,

Sangtok Team.