Braided Wig Care Instructions

Braided Wig Care Instructions


Lace wig units are very delicate investments. the longevity of the lace pieces vary from customer to customer.

Lace can last anywhere from 2 months or longer.

Lace pieces are expensive but are delicate and can tear and bald with time.

Switching up your lace wigs/ pieces will extend the wear of your units as daily wear can take a toll on your lace.

Lace pieces are strands of hair hand tied into lace. When knots are bleached on the lace this also shortens the life of the lace. To care for your lace properly it is recommended to not put lots of strain on the lace itself. Excess combing, digging at lace and pulling on lace can damage your lace. Wash your lace pieces delicately when they are built up from hair products. Allow lace to air dry instead of using brushes/combs while blow drying with a hand dryer, air drying is always best. 


Daily Hacks of your Sangtok Braids wigs

1. Let your wig have a rest, don't wear it every day.

2. Apply moose to your wig so that fly or stray hair can stay in place, but avoid using excessive amounts of mousse as this will make your units look too greasy.

3. Apply oil (coconut oil or wig oil) to make it shine, you may also use oil sheen instead of coconut oil.

4. Styling? Yes, for braided unit we recommend curling with flexi rods and dipping into boiling hot water, leave to dry and then remove the flexi rods. You instantly have a new look with your braided unit! But once in a while.

5. Coloring? No, The strands are made using synthetic Kane Kalon fibre which cannot be coloured. 


General wigs maintenance

We believe it is essential that you wash your unit before it smells badly. The time frame can't be stated because we all use wigs differently.

Anytime you wash it, focus on the cap area because that’s always the part that accumulates a lot dirt, simply dip the unit in a shampoo solution multiple times while also straightening it all the while after dipping, just wash it a little, do not wash your wigs like clothes. Conditioner are only necessary for the real hair, braids are made of synthetic material except for the base wig it is made of human hair. So, do not waste your conditioner, just use it on the roots area.

For that perfect finish, we suggest that an adequate amount of mousse is added onto your units before drying it in order to give your hair life and add that brand new shine, a healthy feel and look.

Airing your units after taking it off is important, we recommend getting wigs stands to help with proper ventilation of the unit when it snot being worn. The unit should also be kept in a space where the strands can fall freely to avoid bent or straggly ends. Your wigs will look better for longer if you can look after it. Your hair is an investment so invest time in looking after it.



More Hacks of your braids wig

1. You can use any type of shampoo, it doesn't really matter, just use one that smells nice

2. Braided wig may need to be trimmed after washing.

3. When washing it, you can straight it with your fingers slightly.

4. Always place your wig in a vertical position when it is not in use.

5. If you have to put on any scarf or cap, it has to be satin, other fabric can make the braids appear rough.

6. Do you own a braids wig? How do you maintain/care for your wig? You also can share your test hacks with us.

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